Thursday, 11 December 2008

Ghana Trip - 2 - 11th December 2008.

So back to last monday night...

I met up with all the platform2 volunteers in a hotel near Heathrow.
7 english, 3 scottish (including me) and 1 welsh girl! bless her... her accent is awesome.
They are all nice people, we get on so well it's unreal.
Anyway, we left Heathrow on tuesday morning. We changed out flight at Frankfurt, Germany.
We stopped for 30 minutes at Lagos, Nigeria!!! None of us knew about it so it was awesome to be in the country I've never been before. So we arrived in Accra, what a mental place.
It's a wee bit like Jamaica, but in Ghanian colours. They Love Footbal & Reggae. Awesome.
But the difference between the rich and the poor is really bad. terrible...
Anyway, it's hot here, today was 32 degrees. We went tae the beach today and swam, awesome.
And at the hostel reception, theres a christmas tree. strange...
ok, to round things up (times running out on my credit!), I met many great people, australians, dutch, swedish, danish (YES! MANGE TAKK!) , canadians (1 crazy boy fae Quebec!) and many many ghanians.
Alot of them try and scam me all the time, but they do have a heart of gold. People here are amazing. Many secret hand shakes and all that!

anyway, for gods sake, some one please send me the Queen of The South results on here!!! LOL.
And also, general gossip, haggis, Buckfast abuse, recreational use "hint hint" of plants and all the other jazz i miss in scotland.

jamie x


Tori said...

Jamie! (: Sounds like you're having a great time so far. I totally agree, one of the best things about traveling abroad is that you get to meet tons of folk from other parts of the globe. Glad to hear that you arrived safe and sound. I'd love to hear more about the other volunteers. Is the 'net really expensive over there? What's the food like? I hope your first Ghanian weekend is brilliant. Not much to report from my end. Don't forget to wear sunblock, and don't accept any wooden nickels. -Tx
p.s.- send me your postal address and i'll send you some mail!

Caroline said...

Better be careful with these comments guys!!!!!!!!!! Because I am Jamie's mum.......
Don't forget to change your socks, and make sure you brush you teeth.... I love youuuuuuuuuu xxxxx