Saturday, 13 December 2008

Ghana Trip - 3 - 13th December 2008.

t First thing first, Do not get offended by my mother! She means well, LOL. I actually forgot to brush my teath, so point taken...

This may be my last blog in a week or 2 as we are leaving for the Mt. Afadjato now.

Few very important things happened to me in the last few days, but I cannot reveal anything, as there are many people reading this, if you know what I mean. Don't worry mum, I didn't smoke weed (you get 10 years in Jail), or turn Gay (it's illegal, im not homophobic obviously but fucking out of order, talk about human rights...). It's something else, I will tell you about it another time.

We might return to Accra on the 27th as theres a BIG football game we want to watch.
RANGERS VS CELTIC. One of the most important events in SCOTTISH CALENDER!
We got other Scots in ma group, they are both Billy (rangers fans) so I tease them by singing Celtic songs! They know im only joking. But they consider Queen of The South fans not kindly! LOL!

Anyway, this is our last morning in Accra, we done so many things, we many so many people, we also more 2 people from Norway.
Something strange happened yesterday.
We were at the memorial park for Ghana's 1st President. One of the most significant sites in Accra. Right beside it, what did i see? A Peace Pole! (Poles my mum's Peace organization plants around the world). It gets even more crazy. On the way back to the hostel on the bus, I sat beside my Language teacher Vincent from Ghana, I told him about this and he said he was
there to planted it as a Guide, so he knew about WPPS! Also, he said it was planted 3 years ago.
I thought about it for a moment... I asked him about Jessica, my mums coleague who was here 3 years ago on Peace Work, and he vaguely remembers her!
How strange is this!?!?

We also went to the market. It was mental. All of us got taken away individually by different people, saying they are friends and trying to sell us things. I was a bit scared because these 2 Ghanians took me away to their drum shop, little distance away from where we are supposed to be. But they were nice guys, so nothing happened to me, but I really need to be careful. This market is a little deprived, a slum if you want to call it, but full of amazing things, gifts, clothes, Ghana Football top (Puma) for 7 pounds!

Oh, another thing, our Drum teacher at the SYTO is making us all a Jambi Drum for 50 Cidies (25 quid), hand made, hand painted and everything.
Also, Ghanaian music is in crazy rhythms, 5 beats, 7 beats, 11 beats... Not the traditional 4 beats you guys know (unless you love Jazz, Prog or Metal LOL). Stephen the drum teacher said he'd give me a private lesson in Ghanaian Music.

Anyway, we better go.
jamie x


Caroline said...

Very interesting. tell us more about Mt Afadjato... it sounds like an amazing place.. and about the music....and the food...and where you are staying... and the other people on the team...

Tori said...

I'm curious about the great experience you had that you couldn't share on the blog! Email me... i'm nosey. I can't wait to check out Ghana myself one day. Have a great time watchin' the fitba. -- keep your wits about ya!