Saturday, 10 January 2009

Ghana Trip - 6 - 10th January 2009.

Hello everyone. Thanks for the comments.
Luke, how you doing man? Did you get back tae Jersey safely?

We are not doing much these days. So Platform 2 (Christian Aid) is investigating our group, yes we are in trouble. Or at least the Project Manager is. Amanda (English Woman who is already in Ghana with another group) is coming up here next week to check on us, I hope it all works out.
Also, 2 people in my group has decided to leave Ghana, describing our village as "Shit-hole" and telling our superviser to "F^^k off". One of them, Michael, 18 year-old from England (luke, you must remember him?), I have fallen out with. I don't like him at all. He is very dis-respectable to me, he keeps picking on me, and he doesn't realize that I'm older than him. I just can't stand him. Thankfully, he's leaving soon so I don't have to deal with him. But Amanda is going to talk to me about us 2, which I'd rather not. Oh well, there are people you just don't get on with, I guess it's human nature... All the jokes are about making fun of people, which is pathetic. Some of the boys in my group (inc. Michael) need tae grow up.

Next wednesday, we are going to a local college (for 11 to 20 year olds) and staying there for 3 weeks. Hopefully I can teach some classes...

Also, I have finally recieved a marriage proposal!!! Everyone else in the group has recieved many and I was worried I wouldn't, but I got 1 last week. Unfortunately, I turned her down (for an obvious reasons, 1, i'm no interested).

People here are interesting. I saw this 1 woman, dressed in traditional Ghanainan dress, carrying her baby, selling stuff at the market. But she was busy texting someone on her mobile phone (brand new), which I thought it was funny. My village is very traditional and many people wear traditional clothes. But young guys all got fancy clothes, Vans Trainers and phones listening to 50 Cent really loud! Absolutely Halarious....

Yes, I had another Fufu last night. A Grass Cutter (Rat, yes, a rat...). It was actually quite nice!
Yesterday, we climbed a different mountain. It took us about 2 1/2 hours to get up this really steep hill. Once we got up there, there were villages!!! How people live there, I have nae idea.
But alot of people spoke French because it was only 10 minute walk from the Togo border. I'm going to try and get up there again next monday to go to Togo, just for a laugh. (No passport required, as long as theres no police there).

jamie x

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Frankie said...

Happy noo ear Jamie! hope u had a good one. Ok,so whats fufu? n can you get it wi chips? :-)
So while you're in the sun we're off to the slopes (italy), for a wee bit skiing and a wee bit apres ski (getting pissed that is). That's me n Aileen. We've been trying to get your mum and dad to go with us skiing sometime. Can you imagine your mum flying down a mountain!! :-/ That would be a day for the camera..... Your trip is certainly an eye opener. Sounds great and enjoy every second of it. The naughty wumin sound just the thing after a hard days work and a beer or two or three or .... :-D Did you get their phone numbers???? :-D Anyway Jamie must go and get the dinner on. A mans work is never done!! take care and love fae all the gang.