Friday, 16 January 2009

I was rushed to the hospital... (Ghana Trip - 7 - 16th January 2009)

Last Sunday, just after 1pm, I started feeling ill.
I threw up & I had stomach pains.
I stayed in bed all day, even skipped dinner.
I had to stay in bed during the group meeting. Afterwards, I went to the bathroom one last time before I collapsed. By this time, I was feeling violently ill and I had to be rushed to the local hospital. When I got there, I was told I may have malaria so I had to get 2 injections & various medications. I had to ask if I could lie down because I couldn't bear sitting down. I was lying on the bed feeling worst I have ever felt. I knew I wasn't going to die, but it felt like it.
My life flashed by me & I was seriously freaking out.....

I got 2 injections, which was actually painful. Suddenly I started crying & couldn't stop. I don't know if it was the medication or my emotions. There was a boy beside me who was involved in a serious bicycle accident & a little baby at the opposite end of the room. There were both crying their hearts out in pain. They made me cry even more...
Luckily I didn't have to stay there so we got back in the car, heading back to the village. I had to lie down on back seats, looking at the full moon up side down through the window while the car was moving.
I was still feeling terrible and my mind was blank white. Then I started thinking about my family, my friends, Scotland & Japan, thinking I'm on the other side of the world nearly wiped off this life.
Then "Have you forgotten?" by the Red House Painters came on my ipod and I felt so happy that I was alive. I think it's officially my favorite song of all time now (because of this occasion).
(Afterwards, I had to listen to some BIFFY CLYRO, to remind of back home, lol).

No matter how careful you are, no matter how you never forget to take anit-maleria pills, no matter how you always wash your hands, you could still get ill.
I drink water sensibly from a bag as well. (We are only supposed to drink from water bags)

I was totally down for the following 2 days. I threw up my breakfast the next day and didn't eat anything for 2 days. The medication was making me feel loopy and tired.

I think this was THE WORST experience of my entire life. I never felt so bad.
But at the same time, I thought about the Health Care system in Ghana and realized most people wouldn't be able to afford it. So I felt lucky...

On Wednesday, we arrived in Catholic School, near Kpando, Volta Region.
There are only about 65 students, boys & girls around 15 to 18. (Sorry the information on the last blog was incorrect). I don't really agree with Christianity, or any other Religious Institutions, but the kids here are well disciplined, well mannered & well behaved. I was very impressed.
We never lock our bedroom doors here because we know that NO BODY well ever steals in this place. Amazing...
But Father Moses, man who runs the place AND teach 3 subjects, he's a nice guy but extremely strict. He gets angry at students for not giving correct answers during classes, pinches them hard and tells them to run around the building twice as a punishment. Isn't that harsh?
Also, the Sociology class is a little outdated. Homosexuality is still within the "Abuse" section of the text books, and other bizarre stuff. Also, I don't understand the Religious & Moral Education class. Morals are all about Jesus this and Jesus that. Isn't life more than Jesus? (I forgot to mention, everywhere I go, there is Jesus signs everywhere).
We have to attend Mass every morning, 7.30am. It's boring, but we have to be there.
But the stay here has been great. Today (Friday), I'm finished with the medication so I'm not loopy anymore! I was told that I had Food Poisoning. But that’s the early signs of Malaria, so I was very lucky.

Frankie, skiing in Italy sounds fantastic. Just to remind you, drinking and skiing is completely different thing, if you have forgotten. HAHAHAHAHA. We don't get Tennents here, but luckily we have Guinness. Foreign Guinness! (7%).
I can't explain what Fufu is. It's like a soup with big white dough in it, with some meat. You eat it with your right hand.

Do you guys know what "You've been Rick Rolled!" means?
Well, I think this is going to be the new version, enjoy. Haha.

Yes, I am still alive.


Margaret said...

Hi Jamie
I am MORE than glad that you're still alive! What an experience & thankfully you're OK now. As you wrote it makes you appreciate that we can afford health care. No matter how careful you are the 'bugs' are there!
The school sounds rather Victorian, happy I'm not one of Father Moses' students!!What are you teaching them? I'm sure you & the others are a breath of fresh air to them. But they probably really appreciate getting an education. They probably have no idea that corporal punishment is forbidden in many counties!
Take care & looking forward to the next instalment.

Luke said...

Hey Mate.

Glad to hear that you’re better now, the girls at my orphanage got malaria and took all precautions (long sleeves etc) and I just did the tablets and didn't contract it. It seems a little like pot luck.

I got back on 16th December and had about 3-4 weeks to relax but now I'm working! I do remember Mike, by the way! I feel sorry for the ones leaving as now I’m missing Ghana and want to go back, which I will be doing. How strange is it that I looked forward to going back for 3 months and now I’ve left I miss it?

I hope that you get what you want from the trip, and it sounds like you are.

Keep going and make the most of the rest of it.

Take care,

P.S. Queen of the South lost 1-0 to Ross Co, leaving them 1 point in the relegation play-off, 3 points above Airdrie Utd. Sorry its not better news!

david said...

Hiya Jamie,

First of all, - glad you've come through your illness - quite a time you've had. Thanks also for our postcard with the market scene taken in Takoradi. It was a real pleasure to receive it.
It sounds like you are having all sorts of interesting, strange, beautiful - and occasionally scary encounters! I hope you can get to do some teaching Jamie - sounds like the kids love you.

We're also looking forward to hearing your newly written songs oneday! We just received 'Clara Belle's' new CD in the post last week. I ordered it through her mySpace page and we've been playing it a lot - a great collection of songs - oh, and very nice photography on the CD sleeve Jamie - along with some nice harmonica playing on track 1 from Rosa!
Its been fun keeping up with your antics through this Blog Jamie - keep 'em coming.
Love from us all.