Saturday, 21 February 2009

Final Blog (Dumfries - 11 - 21.2.09)

Hello there.
So I've arrived home 2 days ago.
Back to good old Dumfries & Galloway where it's cold...

Landing in Heathrow freaked me out a little... with the modern-ness, underground tube, sky scrapers, many, many white people... (I'm so used to Black People now.)
When i got to my sister's flat, she had a fridge, a microwave, a cooker, a TV, a DVD Prayer, a laptop, warm shower!, toilet that flushes! ....I felt like I came back from The Stone Age or something....

Anyway, it was nice to come home. I live in middle of nowhere so I'm taking in the country side before I can return to the civilization (Dumfries Town Centre!). I just went for a walk with my dog. It was cold but it was quiet and pleasent. I feel like I belong in Scotland. I forgot how much I missed it.

So, my plans now is to sort out my photos and have an exhibition...
Sign on.... Get a Job...
Being in Ghana made me think about my life, my future and my dreams. I realized that music is one thing I cannot live without. I had this thought of me being 30 years old, regretting that I didn't even try to make it. So this year, I'm going to play in a band and do what I love doing, playing and recording music. I'm not wanting to become a multi-million selling stadium rock star or anything like that. I hate all that anyway. My music is quite obscure and it's only catered for the eclectic tastes. If i can just play gigs and release at least 1 CD, that would be my dream come true. Anything after that is up to fate.

So..... Ghana was a life changing experience.
The best thing I have ever done.
10 weeks flew by quickly, and slowly at the same time.
Thank you so much for reading my blogs. I appreciate it.

jamie x

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